1 week old! :)

Klara’s girls are 1 week now. They grow up healthy and need no additional feeding. Yesterday they all looked at me :) They are so cute and make me a day-dreamer all the time :)  I am very pleasantly surprised by their fur. Klara had two other litters with Clif, however without a direct reflection in kitten’s fur, although Clif had thicker fur than Ciastek. This match is perfect for me! They grow up without any problems. Their coats are changing colours and I am pretty sure that my blue Tosca will stay blue since her ears are much lighter in colour than those of her sisters. A pink True Love will probably be similar to Titu – and will turn a calico cat, while the green one remains a Pandora’s box :) for sure she will be a calico cat, with point pattern and subtle stripes. 

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