It's time for saying goodbye...

Time drags when we are waiting for kittens to be born, we can’t wait till they come out, but when they are already with us the time to say goodbye comes quicker than you can say Jack Robinson… Unique was the first one to find her new home in Finland. Mia came to pick her up with her daughter Mila (the same age as my daughter Weronika). We shared an interest. We had 
a wonderful time together! We picked them up at the airport and had breakfast in our home at 10. Then we went to a shopping centre to help Mia find gifts for her children. After shopping we went to the seaside and walked on the beach. We came back home for a dinner, coffee and cakes… When evening came I drove them to a hotel. Next day I drove Unique to the airport two hours before their flight. I got gorgeous roses as a “thank you” from my new friends.

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