Show Ostróda 20-21 June 2009

Saturday turned to be very successfull to our Fionka. Among three other devons, she got ex1 and champion's certificate. She was also nominated to BIS, where she defeated a cornish rex and british cat. Cliffcio got Ex1 and champion's certificate. Sunday was also very nice to us. Fiona got ex1 and another champion's certificate and BIV. devon rex, kocięta devon rexThe judge was astonished by her. Cliffcio was also well judged. He got Ex1, his second champion's certiciate and BIS nomination. He has nice head, big and well-placed ears, big, round blue eyes. I am very proud of my cats. That was the best gift they could give me. We have another show in two weeks, in Gdańsk, where we plan to finish Cliff's championship.