Today we had a special guest :)...

Today we had a special guest :) Richard ! The son of Klara. He has grown “manly”, yet he is still so cute. He behaved as if he has never left the house and the other cats welcomed him trustingly :)... 

Marco Calvados*PL - FiFe CatShow England- Sevenoaks 9-10.05.2015

Next Adorable & Wonderful Show! 

09.05.2015 - Ex 1  CAC , Nom.Best in Show!

10.05.2015 - Ex 1 CAC , Nom. Best in Show!

II Miejsce Najpiękniejszy Import Wystawy !

Big congrats to the proud owner :)

Phantom Calvados*PL -CatShow in Orel ( Rosja)

CatShow in Orel ( Rosja) 25-26.04.2015

On the first day  Ex 1 , Nom Bis !

The second day has turned out to be equally successful! My little boy got  nominated to Best in Show again , Best Junior and Best of Breed ! :)

I'am very happy and proud!


We are expecting kittens! 


J-Queen Calvados*PL & Ciastek PasoDoble*PL



Today I gave my last baby away, my lovely cuddly Richard... Now I am kind of sad... This is that negative side of cattery, which comes after 12 weeks of kittens age...

Exhibition dates for 2015 !

Piper my little fairy ... :)

Today I have for you my lovely Titu. On March the 1st she turned four months old.

Good morning! :) ...

 Are you also enjoying sunshine? Ciastuś [Cookie] is enjoying the sunbathing :) 
Several times I saw myself running with a wheelbarrow in the garden this weekend, but despite beautiful sunshine it is terribly cold outside! Cats are more than happy with sunshine coming through the windows! I wish you a happy weekend and energy for springtime activities! 

These are the moments that make life worth living!

These are the moments that make life worth living!

There's nothing better than feeling appreciated..

...I love your website and facebook page! Your cats are so happy and healthy looking...