Good morning! :) ...

 Are you also enjoying sunshine? Ciastuś [Cookie] is enjoying the sunbathing :) 
Several times I saw myself running with a wheelbarrow in the garden this weekend, but despite beautiful sunshine it is terribly cold outside! Cats are more than happy with sunshine coming through the windows! I wish you a happy weekend and energy for springtime activities! 

These are the moments that make life worth living!

These are the moments that make life worth living!

There's nothing better than feeling appreciated..

...I love your website and facebook page! Your cats are so happy and healthy looking... 

Natasza Calvados*PL three and eleven months! :)

I have received Nataszka's photos today; at once I was searching for photos made eight months ago.... true, that it is magic?
Love to flowers stayed with her and Nataszka grew up nicely!  She lives in Rybnik with Magda in Dudoland *PL cattery.

Plans ...

Alison Calvados*PL & Ciastek PasoDoble*PL

Richard Calvados*PL

All kittens are slowly flying away. Only Richard has not left the nest yet...

Blue is not blue ! :)

Now is turns out that my Rosemary is not blue:) I do not know how this is possible? Truly, I saw blue!!!!

Titu my lovely girl !

Today I am here just for a moment to show you my little girl. Piper – in our language named Titu. She gets more beautiful each day, also her colour becomes more saturated and little spot on her nose gets more ginger...I am very happy that she can stay with us ....