Decisions have been made – Assignments have been made!

All Queeni’s children have found their places on the earth… Willy will live in Norway, Phantom in Russia, Phoebe will fly to Italy and Piper is lucky one; she will stay with us and with her mum Qeenie. I feel little shattered, I was panning to leave one girl with me, that is fact but I did not predict that before ,,the second,, girl was born my heart had been already stolen by first one…..

We have new kittens :)

 Pedigree kittens :

8 months old!

Today my lovely boy turns eight months old. He is a cat who loves everything and everybody. He believes that life is beautiful and obviously that makes him feel good:))).
It seems it's worth to have dreams because sometimes they can be fullfilled :))

5 weeks old!

Today kittens are five weeks old. I am very happy because all of them are using litter box. They happily eat dry food and wet pate. For 5 weeks old little kitten is perfect result!!!

I'm happy !!!

Yesterday on 4th December our girl Klara gave birth to three kittens. Soon will give you more information and add some photos. Mom and her lovely children are fine…

Ears, ears, ears ... 3.5 weeks old !

Today I am here just for a moment. I would like to show you little kitten, how quickly they grow. It is so funny to seeing only big ears sticking out from nursery. It is amazing but every day they get a little bigger.
I have caught a awful virus.  Now fighting with sore, scratchy throat and stuffed nose. I was trying to kill it with hot tea and chokeberry juice but since yesterday I have powerful antibiotic.

2.5 weeks !

Available male DRX n32

Boy carries dilution because his father is blue. Mother and father have blood group A.

Queenie’s kittens are 12 days old!

 Today I choose to do what I love the most. Kittens are growing up so fast. I see something new almost every day. I love to watch how these adorable kittens roll around, play and yawn. They are so cute…