Seven weeks behind us ...

Kittens are very good, but it doesn't mean that they don't like playing pranks. I hope they won't get crazy in the nearly future:)


Three female kittens are waiting for new owners.  

Breeding means not only joy but also making difficult decisions and the responsibilty for  our kittens. While following principles and using gained knowledge and experience, I am able to breed with clear conscience happy an healthy cats. Cats which bring new owners lots of happy moments. Both kittens and grown up cats live with us in fully accesible environment where they can feel safe and appreciated. They are not afraid of every day sounds. All they need is a loving care taker...


Kittens 4 weeks

Kittens have now four weeks. They still much sleepinng but more and more time spending on vigil. They are getting more interested in world and us ...


Thanks for looking on me sometimes...

Thanks for looking on me sometimes.. I'm very happy, and I feel summer in the air. Is there also sunny at Your place?

I wish Your flowers smell nice!


Mother's love

Kittens are lovely and delightful and there is always something worth making photos. But the most beautiful pictures are these, that shows the power of mother's love...

My sweetheart J-Queen Calvados*PL - 5 months :)

Queenie is our happy baby kitten. It is always joyful. I decided to leave it because of its beautiful features of the face and fur (that is temporary missing... :)) but I realised that I would love her even if Quennie was ugly and scary!

Eltonek was chosen as the most beautiful cat on the exhibition by the audience.

On Sunday February 17th our boy Eltonek, went with his Lady on the show that was organised in Czestochowa. He brought us a lot of joy. He was chosen as a beautiful cotillion and he gained honorable first place. It is a beautiful and classy castrate, who tries to keep up his beloved sister Emily.

We decided to leave Elin’s daughter at our home.

Queenie is small yet but I’m very satisfied with her growth. She’s got very harmonious built and inside beauty. She is lucky because she can spend the time with her mummy and sister Alison from the first litter. I hope the judges will be kind-hearted and will give her a good start during cat shows. Only time will tell :)

"Sisters Point" are finishing 12 weeks ...

Sisters Point are finishing 12 weeks.  Girls will be with us a little bit longer because we have to prepare them to flight. They must have quarantine after rabbies vaccine, so we can spend with them few days more.. they are so beautiful :)