Elin's kittens will be born soon ...

The girls "I" have found new homes. I'm Ztass will stay in Sweden and her sister Iris in France. But this is not the end! Elin's kittens will be born soon. Please keep Yours fingers crossed for her :)


" Sisters Point " 5 weeks :)

Although the weather is cold , our grey flowers bloom  they grow in the eyes and become more and more beautiful each passing day...

I paid a visit at Alvin and Gilbert’s home:)

I’m so lucky! My cats have got wonderful families. They take care of them and I see that my cats are happy there. They even have got more blankets and toys than some kids! Boys are castrato and they live happy at Alicja’s house .

I paid a visit at Ben vel Gizmo’s home:)

 He is so lucky! Thanks Karola! My cat has a wonderful family.


My lovely Emily is a champion! The judges really like her and she was nominated to the category Bis. She got her first certificate as an International Champion on Sunday Janku- you and Emily look so prodigiously! Congratulations Dominika! And wish you good luck at the cat shows!


Today I have no doubts! Their colour is black point.

We have new kittens Alison Calvados*PL & S*Kaviandoo Katt Cobolt

This time less colourful, but still wonderful! We’ve got two beautiful girls! Cats’ birth is always an amazing and moving experience for us! I’m so lucky to take part in it . We hope they will go to wonderful people and will be a part of loving families. As to gender we’re not sure. We have to wait for a while. Actually, it’s the first time I have doubts.  


Our little girl Honey Calvados*Pl became the most beautiful girl of the show. With these memories she will take trip to her new home in Ireland.


World Cat Day - Galeria Bałtycka Gdańsk

We took Alison and Gilbert which is on vacation in me, to the cat show.

Emily & Elton's 1st birthday

Today Emily and Elton turned one year old. I wish you many happiness and joy. Thank to their owner for love you are giving them.