In the line for the sunshine...

It is beautiful sunshine…. The sun is finally back Cats went crazy with happiness. They were standing in the line to the basket .

Sleepy session... :)

OK! I'm very tired now so please stop making the pictures and let me go to sleep :) :)

We have new kittens!

 Queenie and Ciastuś [Cookie] have become parents again. This time Queenie kept me awake all night, anyway, in such moments you won’t sleep for a minute! The labour was uninterrupted. Three little girls have arrived! Yes, my dears  … girls again… 

Girls 3 weeks old!

Planned litter :)

Ears, ears, ears ...:) Girls 17 days old!

Kitten girls are 17 days now and are wandering around the entire “labour ward” :) 
They respond to sounds and are bobbing their heads up.