This husband is a treasure...



7 weeks behind us ! :)

The girls have their place on earth :)

I am sooo happy! My cats live in whole of Europe: in Sweden, Norway, England, Brussels, Belgium, Germany, France, Moscow, Italy and even in Las Vegas. Now the next kittens will settle in Switzerland and Germany…

Planned litter :)


How nice they look together :) I can’t wait to see kittens of Titu and Ciastek [Cookie]. In a month I guess I will let them frolic :) see if they are successful.  Their kittens would arrive in the New Year. 


FiFe Cat Show in Sweden 10.10.2015

 My dears, I have some hot news for you from the Show in Sweden. Today my little So Unique from the last litter of Queenie and Ciastuś [Cookie] is making her debut at the International Show in Sweden. She has just earned excellent score and a nomination to the “Best in Show” distinction in the Best of the Best panel! I am so happy!

My heart melts ...

 I fell head over heels in love! So good that our little Tosca is a daughter of Ciastek [Cookie], otherwise she would have stayed with us for sure. Every session is messing with my mind. 


Marco Calvados*PL - Interchampion FiFe :)

Marco Calvados*PL


Marco lives in England and proudly represents Calvados*PL cattery at International Show rings.