Ciastek & Titu

 Ciastuś [Cookie] has gone crazy about Titu :) There must be something between them! Titu is 10 months now and has not yet vocalized or become restless, which makes me happy :) however, she must be spreading an incredible scent because he gets on her tail and stays there all the time.  There are moments she becomes visibly more romantic. On the 1st November Titu will turn 1 year and will be allowed to frolic together with Ciastek [Cookie]  I would be happy if their kittens arrived in the beginning of January. Will they make it? Let’s see! 

FiFe Cat Show in Wroclaw 05-06.09.2015

Natasza Calvados*PL   CHAMPION !!!

My day is full of surprises :) this weekend my Natasza went to the show. During two days she earned two excellent scores. On Saturday she was awarded a CHAMPION distinction, while on Sunday she got her first INTERCHAMPION certificate! In addition, she won in the “Best in Variety”. I am so happy!  Thank you so much Magda :) 

FiFe Cat Show in England 06.09.2014

Marco Calvados*PL    INTERCHAMPION ! :)

What a weekend it was :) Today our Marco repeated yesterday’s success. He earned Excellent score, was awarded CACIB (Champion Distinction) and finally got the INTERCHAMPION distinction! Moreover, he was awarded another nomination to the “Best in Show”. I am in heaven! On the next show he will attempt to win GRANDINTERCHAMPION! I am so happy and proud. Tomasz, thank you so much for excellent breeding of Marco :)

FiFe Cat Show in England 05.09.2015

Another success of my boy living in England! He is already on his way to win an INTERCHAMPION! Today he was awarded EX 1, CACIB and a Nomination to the “Best in Show” :)) The Rater: Mrs. Helene Reiter from Germany. I am very happy!! Good work boys!! ! :)

We are expecting kittens!

In mid-September 

We are Expecting kittens!!!


Klara Calvados*PL & Ciastek PasoDoble*PL

FiFe Cat Show in Scotland Dunblane 15-16.08.2015

 Last weekend (15-16.08.2015) our Marco Calvados*PL living in England was on another show :) this time he travelled to Scotland where he won a CHAMPION distinction and was awarded the first INTERCHAMPION certificate. Congratulations!   Marco is now CHAMPION !!! We are very happy!!!

Queenie's children turn 12 weeks old!

Queenie’s children turn 12 weeks old! On Saturday we said goodbye to our ’’So Happy’’!!! Great, because he will dwell with our Richard,  Clara’s son. It is always better in two:) Tiny ’’So Unique’’ will still stay a little bit with us because she is going to Sweden so she still needs a rabies vaccine. After vaccine she needs three weeks quarantine. I am sooo happy! My cats live in whole of Europe: in Sweden, Norway, England, Brussels, Belgium, Germany, France, Moscow, Italy and even in Las Vegas. Now the next kitty will settle in Sweden…..

FIFe cat show in Sopot 01-02.08.2015

FIFe cat show in Sopot  01-02.08.2015
On Saturday  Ciastek PasoDoble*PL got EX 1, CAC and Nom.Best in Show !!! Judge Ireneusz Pruchniak PL
On Sunday got Ex 1 and CAC  :) Judge Marcin Biernaczyk PL
Thank you so much for the super organizers of the wonderful exhibition, for great judges ,for super stewards ! 

So we have a holiday!!! :)

So we have a holiday! In Pomerania has started wonderful. Yesterday was gorgeous windless day. I went with all, even the smallest tails to my garden. The kittens posed for the camera with curiosity; they became very interested almost in everything. I love this my sessions in the garden but these pictures make me feel even better. There are good quality photos and made around nature. Queenie impresses me more and more every month…while Ciastus has began a new chapter in my cattery with hope for something even better...