Litter "O"



Litter O  "Boys"

born 18.05.2014

Parents :

Klara Calvados * PL & Achiote Szylkretka * PL


It was hard, this time emotions were different. Patrick appeared as the first one and was born head first; however, Klara could not push him out despite contractions being stronger and closer together due to insufficient cervical dilatation. I could see his mouth with a little tongue. After half an hour together with my daughter I decided to go to the clinic. When leasing the house Divine Providence did not abandoned me, I went back to take my kittening box with scissors, swabs, bulb syringe to aspirate secretions from the mouth and nose, and some paper towel. Not far from our house, contractions occurred again… Weronika took the exit to the petrol station and it was where our little boy arrived. I don’t know how I managed to pull this little baby cat out during subsequent contractions… I was bummed out because I didn’t hope for him to be still alive… however, once I had secretions aspired from his mouth he moved his tongue and cried… I dried him, towel wrapped and put on my chest to warm him. We came back home as quickly as possible. After an hour a second brother’s footpads appeared. We were lucky this time since I could much easier grasp him during a subsequent contraction and help Klara. In this way on Sunday the 18th we welcomed two little boys weighing exactly 89 grams each. Klara is a great mum and I am happy that we have coped with it. Let them grow now!!! See the movies and pictures! Please your eyes with me :) Certainly these boys will be points with blue eyes. We still have to wait for them to get coloured . They will be black or blue points. Have a nice time watching my Dear All! My feet don’t touch the ground! On Tuesday we will probably have a new “labour ward” :) I will take a few pictures of it for you...



Boys two days  :)

Litter O three days :)



Oh My Patrick Calvados * PL 

DRX a32 / male / weight 89 grams

Patrick lives in Deutschland




O 'Malley Calvados * PL 

DRX n33 / male / weight  89 grams

O'Malley  lives in Deutschland



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These cats and photography are my passions and they both go together perfectly I put my heart and soul into cats’ socialisation. It is very important for me to teach them independence and how to love before they leave our cattery. All of the cats sleep with us, play with our children and have contact with our turtle- Lary-who is their friend .We consider them to be the part of our family. We do not keep them in cages, stalls or separate rooms. We take all our free time to kittens’ socialisation because we want them to be lovely and cuddly friends for a very, very long time.
We breed not more than 1-3 litters per year to allow ourselves spending a lot of time with cat babies, to make them fully socialized. We put a lot of attention to this.
We take care of our kittens with love and respect so our priority is to find loving, friendly and responsible homes for them.
Kittens are healthy and under permanent vet’s care. They leave our cattery when they are 12 weeks old. If they go abroad they will have 3 weeks of additional rabies quarantine. Kittens’ parents have got negative result of the FIV and FELV tests which is a guarantee of kittens’ health. By the time they leave to the new caretakers they will have been inoculated and dewormed. They get health card and pedigree which is a guarantee of their origin and their features typical for a given breed. We sell kittens only with a FIFé pedigree - your guarantee that you are buying a purebred Devon Rex Cat. I would be delighted to keep in touch with new caretakers and get to know how our kittens grow up.