Litter T

 "Girls" Litter T

born: 12.09.2015


Klara Calvados*PL & Ciastek PasoDoble*PL


The fullness of happiness in our house !!!

We have new kittens :) - Three pointed torties :)

I love the time when they arrive, so many wonderful emotions! The labour was long but without any problems. Kittens had very good birth weight, they are so cute and chubby and their coat is promising. It was the second time that I have had difficulty in recognizing their sex  :) For the first time it happened to me with the litter " I " when two girl kittens arrived and now it happened again. Usually, once I take them on my hands everything is clear to me! But this time I hesitated. Nevertheless, we have three sweet kittens of the same sex :)  Klara is resting now with all kittens sucking and clicking their tongues so loudly, I wonder what they will be like when they grow up.


True Love Calvados*PL

DRX f 33 /   girl  /  12:00  / 81 grams  / pink

Reserved , my little girl lives in Zurich witch his sister Tootsie :)




Tootsie Calvados*PL

DRX  f 21 33 /  girl  /  15:10  /  94 grams  /  green







Tosca Calvados*PL

DRX  g 21 33  /  girl  /  16:30  /  84 grams  /  blu

Reserved , my little girl lives in Berlin :)




These cats and photography are my passions and they both go together perfectly I put my heart and soul into cats’ socialisation. It is very important for me to teach them independence and how to love before they leave our cattery. All of the cats sleep with us, play with our children and have contact with our turtle- Lary-who is their friend .We consider them to be the part of our family. We do not keep them in cages, stalls or separate rooms. We take all our free time to kittens’ socialisation because we want them to be lovely and cuddly friends for a very, very long time.
We breed not more than 1-3 litters per year to allow ourselves spending a lot of time with cat babies, to make them fully socialized. We put a lot of attention to this.
We take care of our kittens with love and respect so our priority is to find loving, friendly and responsible homes for them.
Kittens are healthy and under permanent vet’s care. They leave our cattery when they are 12 weeks old. If they go abroad they will have 3 weeks of additional rabies quarantine. Kittens’ parents have got negative result of the FIV and FELV tests which is a guarantee of kittens’ health. By the time they leave to the new caretakers they will have been inoculated and dewormed. They get health card and pedigree which is a guarantee of their origin and their features typical for a given breed. We sell kittens only with a FIFé pedigree - your guarantee that you are buying a purebred Devon Rex Cat. I would be delighted to keep in touch with new caretakers and get to know how our kittens grow up.