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Klara Calvados*PL


D.O.B. 23.04.2013


Blood group "A"

DRX n 33

Laboklin: Genotyp CS/CS - homozygota

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Klara is the youngest member of our family. This pretty girl is third generation of Devon Rex, born in our home cattery. She is the daughter of Alison and granddaughter of Elin. When she was small kitty she stole my heart. We are totally in love with her. She has very gentle and affectionate personality and is concerning beauty, health and positive representative of her breed. She is a daughter of Cobolt, blue color cat import_ed from Sweden. She brought a lot of joy and happiness to out cattery but also new lines S*FIDDLESTIX from Scandinavia. Klara is real angel!!! She loves everybody and everything…. She is the sweetest and the most affectionate cat we ever owned. In her pedigree many beautiful color and blue point kitty with outstanding personalities can be found.

Fiona Niunioland*PL

born 06.02.2008


Blood group "A"

DRX f32

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Fionka is a wonderful, little girl. She has a nice shaped head, excellent placed ears, long legs and tail. She's so stunnig that she catches attention of everyone, even of our "Liitle Prince". She loves everyone. She came to us from Warsaw cattery - Niunioland *PL. That was a love from first sight. We made a decision very quickly and one day later we were on the road to Warsaw. We had 400 km to go and many adventures during that trip. But finally Fiona was ours. As a 5-month kitten she had her show debut. She got 2 excellents, Best in Variety and the second place on the cat club show (Best of Best) in CCS club.


Achiote Szylkretka*PL (Clifford)

born 22.05.2008


Blood type "B"

DRX d33

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After nice debut of our females I wanted to have a "real" cattery. Two months of searching and red point Achiote came to us. We got him in Olsztyn, where he had his show debut with his siblings. That litter won the show and that was our next success. He made friends with our girls very fast. He's very wonderful and adorable boy. It would be harder to find a nicer pet. He promieses to be a very good stud cat. 


Elin Rex DorTina*PL

born 15.04.2007


Blood  group "A"

DRX n23

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That's her we started our breeding with. She came to us in July, 2007. Year later, she started in open class in Sopot. Her debut was very emotional to us. She got 2 excellents and two certificate for Championship. Elin is very tempered girl. She always gets everything she wants. A little talker with big heart.

 CH. Alison Calvados*PL

born 14.05.2009


Blood  group  "A"

DRX f 33

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Alison is our unplanned Happiness who stayed with us from A litter. When she was small she already conquered our hearts.. This beautiful, blue eyed gazelle, as if painted by the real artist in my favorite colour - tortie point. Her show debut was a real success. She got EX 1, CAC, Best in Variety, NOM BIS and BOS - the best female kat.III . I am very proud !