Our cats



Yoko PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B. 13.03.2020

DRX f23


Ronja Calvados*PL

D.O.B. 24.03.2021

DRX d09 22



Sophia PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B. 15.12.2018

DRX f09



Penelopa PasoDoble*PL 

D.O.B. 20.05.2018

DRX d09



Piper Calvados*PL ( Titu)

D.O.B. 01.11.2014

Blood group "A"

DRX f 32

Titu is the youngest of our home-grown cats,  she is a daughter of J-Queen Calvados*PL  and S*Kaviandoo Katt Cobolt – a blue point imported from Sweden. Titu is a little flibbertigibbet who has gone crazy about me :) Sometimes I have an impression that she treats me like her mother. Titu is Ciastek’s [Cookie’s] love of life. It is amazing but there is really something between them… We are starting shows in the summer. By now I am very happy about her development...


CH. J-Queen Calvados*PL

D.O.B. 10.10.2012

Blood group "A"

DRX f32

Laboklin: Genotyp N / Burmski - heterozygota

DRX f 33 fenotyp/ f 32 genotyp

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Queenie is my prettiest girl. I decided to enter her in the Cat Show and also get her to my breeding program. I am very pleased with my decision. She was working very persistently to stay with us. She makes every morning very special because there is nothing better in the world than waking up to a purring cat by your side cuddling to your neck.

She got her debut at the International Cat Show in Puck (Poland). She started the show in youth class. In two days she received perfect notes.

On Sunday she made me feel so happy. She was nominated for the Best in Show. Since she was small I felt that there is a hidden beauty inside her. Judges from France and Italy confirmed that by giving her the most points. I am very optimistic about her future growth.




Hermes PasoDoble*PL


DRX n33





CH. Ciastek PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B.  07.04.2014

Blood group  " B "

DRX d 21 33

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Ciastek (in English Cookie) joined our family in October 2014. I have been looking for him for the last three years. He quickly became a part of our life. Ciastek's father is blue and I hope he will pass on dilution to many of his babies. He has a perfect nose break and beautiful, large, low-set ears. My boy is still growing but I am already very happy with what I see. I love the funny brushes on the top of his ears and the way he cuddles to me during the night but the most I adore his good nature and loving heart:)))))From the beginning he sleeps with me, on my pillow and purrs his magic lullabies. I love a blink in his eye.

I'm madly in love with him :) It brought one more small piece of happiness to our house !

I am full of admiration for the development of this boy. Ciastek is a cat in the type which I adore.  
I am proud that Ciastek will be backing our breeding programme up !!