Boys 10 weeks old ...

World Cat Day!

Many, many kisses to all cats !

Available male

We have available a boy !


I invite you to see a video from Facebook :)

 I like this Facebook idea. So many great memories thank you fb for this summary !

4 weeks behind us ...

19 days !

The cat shows in 2014.

I’ve just added a new schedule of cats shows in 2014. They take place in many places in Poland. It’s good to see them! ;)


Boys are 2 weeks old!

Today boys turned 2 weeks. It’s incredible how fast they grow. They weight about 250-270 grams. When they were born their weighted about 80-90 grams. Next photo session is going to be amazing because their ears have started to grow!  I recommend you to see two videos for the time being ;) Just click on the link above !


Happy New Year 2014!

Dear Friends!

Thank you all for this last year, for beeing with me sometimes, and for every good word..

This year brought me very special moments, especially good but there were also some disappointments, few mistakes but as we say it is never late to learn.

Let the coming year 2014 be prosperous joyful for all of us.

Many kisses for you!