Queenie - Happy mom a week before the birth of kittens......

Only one week and kittens will see their new world:)
I just can’t wait to see them. As you can see our handsome boy Cobolt did very good job:)

Have a nice day !

Hello everyone:) I am only here today to wish you all a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy it. Our began very lazy...............I just love a lazy Sunday morning:)

Ciastek PadoDoble*PL is 6 months old today!

Today our Cookie turns six months old. He is a cat who loves everything and everybody. He believes that life is beautiful and obviously that makes him feel good:))). On 2th October we had a usual visit to the vet.
Here are the results:
Fiv & Felv – negative
Stool Examinations for Ova and Parasites - negative
Blood type – B

My new boy Ciastek PasoDoble*PL

Finally it's time to introduce my new boy. I have been waiting for you, my darling, for a long time!!! Welcome home! It seems it's worth to have dreams because sometimes they can be fullfilled  :)

Ciastek PasoDoble*PL


International Cat Show in Wroclaw 06-07.09.2014

We have nice news !!! My little girl Natasza visited his first exhibition on 06-07.09.2014 in Wroclaw - Ex 1 and Nom. Best in Show, judge Elena Noskova, RU.

I am sooo proud and very happy. Many thanks Magdalena for you care and love !

Litter N - 12 weeks old! :)

Alison’s kittens are 12 weeks old today! The time has so quickly passed….. We went to our vet, they were vaccinated, chipped and they even got the passports. Now, there’ s time for 21 days of the quarantine and then they’ll fly to their new homes. Slowly, they pulled up stakes… makes me sad. We shouldn’t be hypocritical…… when I decided to set up my cattery I was aware what it involves and its natural course. I didn’t think that it would be so painful to let them go.

sun, sun, sun ... :)

Hi! I’m still alive and I’m fine ;-) by the sun affair which came back from the long journey…..My kittens really love the photographic sessions in the garden.

They’re interested in everything, leaves, flies, twittering birds, waggling branches moved by the wind….

The guys are 5 weeks old!

Almost four weeks !