We have available male!

Plans for 2015!



4 weeks behind us ...

2.5 weeks behind us!

2 weeks old!

I'm totally in love !!!

1 week old! :)

I just love them..........
The kittens are so adorable that i can’t pass them without a camera.
They have already doubled their birth weight. The kittens appear to be plump and can’t fit in my hands any more :) They put on weight about 15-18 grams per day, I do not have to feed them at all. All I need to do is only take good care of their mom :)

Have a nice day !

Yesterday afternoon I spent some wonderful time in the garden making cute kittens pictures. Three of my greatest passions: garden, cattery and photography complement each other and give meaning to my life; they make me feel happy and fulfilled woman. Titu and Ciastek are like a good wine :) need some time… with each new photo shoot they continue to amaze me…although I think that Klara and Alison too :)

So Unique & So Happy Calvados*PL / 4 days old !

I am very happy that they are healthy and very good prognosis for the future. So Unique will be a beautiful tortie cat likewise her mum, while her brother So Happy will be a red pointed coloration just like his daddy :) I love to take pictures of them… They gain weight whereas Queenie and Ciastek [Cookie] are exemplary parents. You are welcome to see my gallery below! Please your eyes with me :) 

We have new kittens :)

Litter S „Surprise”

We have great pleasure to introduce our new beautiful kittens.

We have one girl and one boy. Mom and kids feel so great.

Proud parents are:

Alison turns 6 years old today!

Alison turns 6 years old today!
Sending kisses to her littermates. Happy birthday my sunshine ! :)