Girls 3 weeks old!

Planned litter :)

Ears, ears, ears ...:) Girls 17 days old!

Kitten girls are 17 days now and are wandering around the entire “labour ward” :) 
They respond to sounds and are bobbing their heads up. 

Girls 2 weeks old!

Ciastek PasoDoble*PL


This night my dearest boy met the challenge ... I am so happy that he’s been with us…soon he will be two years. Ciastuś [Cookie] is very sensitive and gentle boy and this is what makes him really attractive to girls…

Kittens ...

Do you miss little tails? I do! It was not long ago that I needed a rest and felt tired…soon I started dreaming about little kittens in the “labour ward”… I am crazy about those moments when they arrive. They give us so much joy and happiness… 
I hope to have some great news for you soon :) 

My love Phantom in new home...

Directly from Moscow my dearest Phantom Calvados*PL my lovely boy lives with Julia in Moscow. Their breed of cats is full of love for people and animals.